PODCAST: David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life on Societal Changes and Mass Shootings

Our Guest for this evening is a good friend and much-respected spokesman for Idaho Chooses Life, David Ripley. David has worked tirelessly for years to bring some sanity to the abortion laws in our state and has totally devoted himself to carrying out this endeavor to stop the killing of the unborn babies. Welcome to Healthy Conclusions, David, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us this evening.

David, I have had many discussions with physicians about psychotropic drugs and how they are a factor in the mass shootings, and last week we discussed the problems with mental illness and how it is involved with these shootings. But tonight I would like to discuss the societal changes that have taken place in our schools in our family values. So let us begin and see if you agree with the statement that when we take God out of our schools and our children get the idea that it is ok to kill babies through abortion that it must be ok to kill under other circumstances because we are enraged and need to vent?